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How can logo be a visual graphic for a brand

A  logo is a visual graphic image of a brand, its symbolism, an element of corporate identity that allows you to distinguish your company. A logo can be called one of the most important aspects of branding, so its creation must be approached with all seriousness.

How to effectively stand out from the competition and be remembered by the client without using the brand name? Of course, the logo will help with this.

Logos come in many forms: text, visual graphic, abstract, emblem logos, personalized, etc. There is no clear system by which it would be possible to structure all logos, because their creation is a creative process that does not follow certain rules. However, at one glance at the logo, we can understand whether we like it or not. To learn how to make a logo so that it is liked and remembered, read our article.


Your logo should have its own zest and be different if you don’t want to blend in with the crowd and stand in line with a thousand more companies with the same logo.


A logo in the form who would have thought, chamomile has a right to exist only if you do not claim to be famous, large and unique.


If your dreams are to reach a high level, to turn your business from a small company into a large holding, then the logo should be appropriate. Play with the name of the company: let the logo be, for example, the image of the first letters of the name, intertwined in a fancy font.


With a quick glance at your logo, it should be immediately clear to the client what your company is about.


The logo of the medical center in the form of a raccoon, how do you like that? Even if the raccoon brings good luck to the owner and is generally a pretty cute animal, it has nothing to do with medicine.


Your logo should reflect the direction of your business through visual graphics, so that at a glance it becomes clear what your company is doing. If you provide car maintenance services, show it in the logo using a schematic image of a car or car part.


The logo should be easy to remember and easy to repeat. It should be even more readable than your brand name.


Drawings, names, symbols, an abundance of flowers, and all at once – this is bad, very bad. Don’t overdo it.


Logo in the form of a sign or symbol made in 2-3 colors. Present your logo on sneakers, branded box or car hood. Fits? Then this is a good logo. The principle is universal and works with any kind of activity.


This refers to the compliance of the logo with accepted standards and norms of graphic design. Color compatibility, symmetry, the rule of the golden ratio – it will be great if this is taken into account when creating a logo.


Gray letters on a white background, slid to the left to the very edge. Neon colors, sparkles, monograms in the logo of the wedding salon. Or an animal shelter In general, you understand.


Natural, natural shades, symmetry. For a jewelry salon, gold and silver in combination with white or black monochrome. For the medical center – green and blue on a white background, the colors of calm and purity. For a private kindergarten – a rainbow and cartoon characters that exude naivety and positive.


When creating a logo, you should understand that you will have to use it in a variety of places – business cards, signs, billboards, websites, booklets, etc. Badly. An overloaded logo that will turn into a blob when compressed. Or too simple, inconspicuous on a billboard or street sign. Fine. The golden mean is not overloaded with an interesting logo that will look appropriate on a website, a large billboard or a branded notebook.


The logo should carry a certain meaning. The pinnacle of craftsmanship is a logo that reflects the values or mission of the company. A logo with no hidden meaning or purpose, Just a stick or several sticks connected by another stick. Boring, monotonous, uninteresting. Logo in the form of a symbol that echoes the mission of the company. Are you a beauty salon that promises to make a Queen out of any Cinderella? Reflect this in the logo – a crown, a Fairy Godmother, a glass slipper – everything that is enough for imagination.


That soldier is bad who does not dream of becoming a general. When you create a small business out of yourself and an accountant, you would like to become a large company with billions of dollars in any case.


A logo painted in paint “on the knee”, with the thought: “Then I’ll do a normal one when I become successful.” in general, downloaded from the first link on the Internet.


A thoughtful, “expensive” logo that will advertise your company on its own. Spare no effort in creating a logo, these efforts will pay off in the future.

If it seems to you that creating a logo is too complicated and troublesome, then it doesn’t seem to you. It is important to take into account all the details: to make the logo exclusive, suitable and visually correct. Moreover, designers do not recommend changing the logo often, or changing it at all – customers get used to your logo, identifying the brand by it. When changing the logo, there is a risk of losing a part of the audience that will perceive your company as a new player in the market, which means that they will not trust you properly. A competent, correct, aesthetic logo is your investment in the development of the company, so you should not save on it.  You can make a logo from us, and we will make it the way you could not even dream of 🙂

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